Legal Age Policy for Online Purchases in Brazil

In compliance with regulatory directives and societal welfare, we hereby establish the Legal Age Policy for online purchases within the jurisdiction of Brazil. This policy is devised to safeguard the interests of minors and ensure responsible consumption practices across e-commerce platforms.

1. Definition of Legal Age:

  • The legal age for online purchases in Brazil is defined as eighteen (18) years old. Individuals below this age threshold are deemed minors and are not eligible to engage in online transactions independently.

2. Verification Protocols:

  • To uphold this policy, all registered users are required to verify their age upon registration. Verification mechanisms may include providing government-issued identification documents or other reliable means of age authentication.
  • Platforms must implement robust age verification processes at the point of sale to ensure compliance with legal age requirements.

3. Prohibition of Minors’ Participation:

  • Minors under the age of eighteen (18) are strictly prohibited from making purchases on our platform.
  • Any attempt by minors to misrepresent their age or circumvent age verification measures will result in immediate suspension of their account.

4. Parental Oversight:

  • We encourage parents and legal guardians to actively supervise their children’s online activities, including monitoring their online purchases.
  • Parental controls and guidance should be implemented to ensure minors’ adherence to age-appropriate consumption habits.

5. Education and Awareness:

  • We are committed to fostering awareness regarding responsible online behavior and the legal implications of underage purchasing.
  • Educational resources and guidelines will be provided to users, emphasizing the importance of adhering to legal age restrictions and promoting responsible consumption practices.

6. Compliance and Enforcement:

  • Failure to comply with this Legal Age Policy may result in penalties, including account suspension or termination.
  • Our platform reserves the right to undertake regular audits and investigations to ensure adherence to legal age requirements and enforce compliance with this policy.

7. Continuous Review and Amendment:

  • This Legal Age Policy will be subject to periodic review and amendment to align with evolving regulatory frameworks and best practices in the field of online commerce.

By adhering to this Legal Age Policy, we affirm our commitment to promoting ethical business practices, safeguarding the rights of minors, and contributing to the development of a responsible and sustainable online marketplace in Brazil.